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Tim Wollweber
United States
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Hey there to the few of you that actually find this page! Decided to submit a design for the Cute Monster T-shirt design contest that DA is running here, so if you like my design, go on over to my Featured Deviation and click it, and then click the "I'd Wear This!" button to vote for the design! Hopefully it will get enough votes to be made into a shirt! I appreciate your support!


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TheTornScarecrow Featured By Owner Edited Mar 18, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, I am doing a mother brain encased in her glass tube and was wondering where/how you got the tube for your metroid hatchling? did you make it or purchase it? this would help a lot
Zaigwast Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
:iconfemaleexcellence: Join us ! :D .... monthly art promotion awaits those with great art ! :#1:
If you do so, please submit to the correct category and do not forget about the rules. :aww:
Rocky-Float12 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Hey Tim, I was wondering how much would an Ariel be? I'd be willing to try and pay it! I am obsessed with the little mermaid and your's is the absolute best one I've seen! It's like bringing her out of the movie, anyways, thanks and good day!!
Mervin425 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
To whom it may concern,
My name is Kelly and I am writing to ask for your help. I'm not sure where to start this email, but I will try and be as succinct as possible.  Last week I read a story online about a family whose daughter’s memorial statue was stolen from her grave.  The family went to visit their daughter’s grave on what would have been her 7th birthday.  They noticed immediately something was amiss, after a several seconds, they realized in horror, the dancing hippo statue they had lovingly placed at their daughter’s grave was GONE. 
To give you some backstory; Erin was diagnosed with brain cancer at 10 mos. old, thru all of her treatments and hospitalizations; she carried around a stuffed purple hippo.  This stuffed animal was Erin’s friend and constant source of comfort.  When their daughter passed at the age of four, the family buried Erin with the stuffed hippo, and a family friend gave them a statue to put at her grave.  Purple was Erin’s favorite color, so they painted the statue purple.
Now, this wasn’t just any ordinary hippo statue.  It’s actually a bronze replica of Hyacinth from Fantasia originally sold as a garden statue.  Well, the statue is irreplaceable, it's out of circulation, and there are none to be found online ANYWHERE.  I don't know why, but I have made it my mission to replace this statue.  I have been to the end of the Internet and back to no avail. My goal is to track down this statue and give it to Erin’s family, to put back at her grave where it belongs.  If you or someone you know, may be able to create one from "scratch" please contact me.  I know it's alot to ask, but they are just gone. Not on eBay or any other websites for sale.
 Thank you for your time and for considering this request.
Kelly Owens
760 715-0151

 I have included a link to the original story & a link to what the item looks like.
Original story:

This is the statue to be re created
summer165 Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
Love your work its very good have you done any thing more with the The Goblin Queen like a art book?
Timbone Featured By Owner May 14, 2013
Hi Summer! I haven't done much more with the Goblin Queen, just the few pieces and the bust. I do want to make a full-figure sculpt of her pretty soon, but I need to sculpt the basic figure it will be based on first! I may always write her story too since its fleshed out to a point... Thanks for asking!
IamOSI Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Dude! Whats up?! It's your old Comic-Con neighbor, Erwin. How's the ol' DunceCap crew been?!
Timbone Featured By Owner May 14, 2013
Erwin! Sorry I didn't get back to ya until now. Dan's doing good, freelancing like crazy and doing kids books and toy design and other stuff - I'm doing toys and what you see here! I gotta go check your page now...
IamOSI Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
It like phone tag up in here LOL Its good to hear from ya buddy. Nice to know you two are doing well. You guys plan on swinging by the ole Comic-Con again? Hit me up!
mirhiel Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010
I like your page!
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