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Biker Witch by Timbone Biker Witch by Timbone
I've been working on this piece for, well, quite a long time (I get distracted easil-- oooh, shiny!) and I finally got it to where I can post it. I was shooting for having it ready for Halloween this year, but eh, what's a few weeks difference, really?

The graphic design in the corner is basically what would be on the back of her jacket if you could see it, essentially the biker club she belongs to. Holle is the name of the ancient Germanic or Pagan witch that is kind of like the 'Big Witch' or the patron saint of witches... if witches had saints, that is.

Oh, and before anyone gets all uppity and offended about the pentagram in the work, take a breath and know that the pentagram shown here is not the Satanic version, which is an upside-down star. The right-side-up star is the ancient Pagan (which does not mean a satanic religion either, by the way) symbol and relates more to Wicca or druidism from what I know.

I might make this as part of a small 3-piece series of biker chicks - one fantasy (this one), one sci-fi, and one steampunk - but that's down the road as I have another project I'm on right now.

Hope you cats like!
LordDaius Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2010
Welcome back! Love the photo
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